Faith and Grace Part 4

Faith and Grace part 4

You know, we have  been talking about faith for a while. We've been talking about the many things that go along with faith, peace, joy, grace and many others. We as Christian's live by our faith, it's our lifestyle. We need to be learning as much as we can about it. I wanted to address the main thing as the main You see, God is love so its difficult to use this as a subject for teaching, it's just too big a subject! However, if we approach everything we hear preached and everything we read in the Bible as having a foundation of love, we will see love/God at the center. You could say love is the understood subject of it all.

So with that said, let's continue with faith and grace. We've seen that grace came through Jesus (John 1:16). In fact, lots of grace layer upon layer of it. We've seen the contrast between grace and the law. How the law demands righteousness in order to obtain grace but that righteousness is obtained by grace through faith in Jesus (Eph 2:8-8). We've seen that we have access to the throne of grace upon which Jesus currently sits, also by faith (Heb 14:17). Alot of grace available there.

So the question becomes, why so much trouble? Paul the apostle dealt with much trouble (2 Cor 11). He was resisted in his life and ministry by the devil. So much so that he asked God 3 times to remove it! Jesus response to him was that "My grace is sufficient for you" (2 Cor 12:9). If His grace was enough for Paul and all he had to deal with, then it will be enough for me and you too.

When we make faith our focus, we learn to access the grace we need to get through life. That's living by faith. Remember, God is love. He loves you so much He made a way for you to live life with Him. God has everything you need available to you by faith, learn to receive it.

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