Faith Walk

Hello all! How's your faith walk? I trust you are making good progress.

Since we are told in Romans 1:17 that "the just shall live by faith" we must figure that faith is involved in everything that happens while we live (that is to say, drawing breath on this planet). Even as I compose this blog I'm believing God for the words.

Romans 5 tells us that we are at peace with God and through our faith we have access to His grace (cool beans man!). Geace is a big deal when you're learning to operate faith because it means you don't get slammed for every little (or big) mistake you make. God's not looking to punish, He's looking to reward. If He was a punisher we'd get discouraged and give up.

He wants us to press on so He gives us strength to persevere. In fact, He tells us there in chapter 5 that we "glory in tribulations". Really? Well yes, really. When you are convinced that God will come through (let's call you can handle whatever your dealing with by getting closer to God and letting Him guide you through the situation. You see, it's all by design. Don't get me wrong, God's not causing you trouble, that's the devil. God's using the thing the devil is trying to do to teach you how to use your faith to overcome.

No situation is bigger than God. He wants you to win (that's why He gave you everything you need to win in Jesus). He wants you to learn how to use it, be successful and then tell someone how awesome He is! Glory!

Live well.

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