Faith & Hope

So in Romans 5 Paul the apostle tells that one thing that using our faith produces in us as Christians is hope. Hope in God's vocabulary means a "confident expectation" of something, of receiving something that He has already promised (Hebrews 11:1). You see, Gods promises are already fulfilled in Jesus. Each one is ready and waiting for us to receive by faith. We can find His promises in the Bible (that's what the book is all about, what we HAVE in Him through Jesus) and we are supposed to learn to believe for them.

You see, when you have hope, you have a target for your faith. You've found something in the Bible you can believe for, you're convinced that it's for you. Now you can pull the trigger and pray for it! You can now pray to release your faith and thereby bring the thing into your life.

If it didn't materialize the first time, keep shooting! You get more than one shot. Take aim again and keep at it. God is expecting us to be persistent in this and He's helping more than we know. Sometimes He will help us see something else in our target field that would be better for us, so we adjust our aim.

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