By Faith Noah...

"By faith Noah..." Hebrews 11:7 starts out that way. All of the Faith Heros in Hebrews 11 did what they did by faith. They made a decision to obey God and follow his lead. God so much appreciated their attitude that He uses them as examples to us because He wants to encourage us to do as they did. How cool to think God sees us in the same light as Noah, Abraham, David and the like. If we learn faith  as they did, God will!

So Noah (don't forget about Noah!) prepared an ark at Gods instruction. It was only because Noah was a just man, from the godly lineage of Seth (spiritual man) and walked with God that Noah was in position to be offered the opportunity to serve God. Yes, opportunity, he could have said "no". God knew he wouldn't.

So Noah because he had a relationship with God understood that God could be trusted and was able to (by faith) say "yes" to God. I don't think God would drop such a radical idea as being the guy that makes the boat that saves people and all the animals so God's plan of salvation could go forth would be offered to a stranger. Indeed their relationship had been ripening for many years.

So having accepted the offer Noah goes to work. Some say for 55 to 75 years to build such a thing as an ark. It was as big as a football field and 3 stories tall! You can't just scribble out a sketch on a napkin for something like that and expect it come out right. Noah worked side by side (spiritually speaking) with God every day. God explaining every detail and reason for what Noah was making. Until the day it was finished and God's plan went in into the next phase.

It's the same for us. God has called us to build a life, one that honors Him. He is there every day to guide us through the process. The better we listen, the fewer mistakes we make along the way and the better the thing turns out. He has a blueprint for us in the Bible and He's there to walk us through every detail. 

If you've said yes to God and accepted Jesus into your life, you're in process. Pay attention to the Master Builder and let Him direct the construction process. Then it will be "by faith (insert your name here)..."

Live well

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