What’s the Purpose of this Church

When I have opportunity to talk to people about what I do for a living, or when people find out that I am a pastor of a church, one of the first questions that I get asked is “What kind of Church is it?” Now most of us know what they are looking for is, what denomination is your church.

Church should not be defined in relation to denominational distinction, nor should it be identified with any one person or group of people! When we allow ourselves to align our definition of our church to a denominational moniker or association of believers, we are no better than those in the early church that Paul talked about in his First Letter to the Church in Corinth when the believers were putting on the label of the person that led them to Christ!

The purpose of Church is to connect individuals to Christ! It is the job of the church to show people that Christ did not come to condemn them. (John 3:17) That whatever life they lead, regardless of how they got there, is worth saving and God sent his son.

The purpose of the Church is to be seen as an extension of Christ into the local community. Too many times we allow our labels to define what our interaction in the community will be, we allow our labels to define what other churches we will partner with, or what other organizations we will support. The early church “gave to each as they had need”

The purpose of the Church is to raise up the next generation to be Christ followers! Not to teach our children how to better separate ourselves from the world but how through one man (Adam) sin came into the World, but by one man, who was completely human, yet also completely God, salvation is available!

Restoration Christian Church is a non-denominational Independent Christian Church that seeks to be as close to what the early church was in the book of Acts. We follow no other creed but Christ, in matters of Doctrine we seek unity, in matters of Opinion we offer liberty and in everything that we do, we do it with Love!

We hope that you will find our church to be a place that you can call home!