What's in Your Heart?

I have been told by a dear friend of mine that driving my car on or near empty is bad for the car. Fuel, as processed as it is, still has sediments in it that over time builds up and rests in the bottom of your fuel tank. His contention is that if you allow your tank to run down to the point where the sludge and crud is, you begin to pump that gunk into your fuel system and it begins to work its way through all your fuel lines degrading the entire system.

Our heart works in much the same way, day to day as believers we attempt to be “in the world but not of the world”, filtering out those things that we feel are not good for our life only to have little bits of the muck of this world deposit itself in the recesses of our heart. Only when we allow our relationship with God to run on empty do we realize that the world has seeped in.

We can know that we are running on empty because we begin to compromise our beliefs, we begin to make excuses for why we do not spend time with the Lord, we avoid attending worship services out of spiritual embarrassment which only makes the problem worse! The only way to keep our spiritual fuel tank full is to spend time with the Lord in prayer, and reading His words (The Bible) and through the fellowship of the saints (attending church). Anything less and we begin to run on fumes!

So let me ask you this… What is filling your heart?