Men of Courage, Where are You?

The men of RCC started a new study series this week called Stepping Up!  One of the questions that was asked in the study was “What is the most Courageous thing that YOU have ever done?”

The overwhelming answer was “nothing”, the conclusion on the part of the speaker is that men don’t feel they have ever done anything courageous.  While I agree with him in part, I have another conclusion that I was forced to come too as I considered the information.

I believe that as a gender, we as men have been unable to point to specific time that we were courageous because frankly, we have not put ourselves out there.

We as a gender haven taken a backseat in the role of leadership, marriage, fatherhood and so much more!  We have allowed the media to take hold of our gender and emasculate us to the image of a whipped puppy bowing at the feet of our counterparts at work and at home.

Where does that image come from?  Unfortunately it is not without precedent!  1 Cor 16:14 says “Do everything in love” but many of us have spent our entire lives living for ourselves!  We have worked to make everything about me, myself and I.  We sit in front of the Xbox, the PlayStation, in our garage, or our Man Cave, trying to escape the reality of the life that we have built for ourselves.  That is not “Done in Love” that is done in selfish ambition.

So Where are You, Men of Courage!  It is time to step up and lead our families, by living the example, loving our spouse as we love our self, and leading our children in the way they should go.